We introduce the Java Computer Programming Language.

(1) We install and use Java and an Integrated Development Environment.

(2) We perform arithmetic. We do input and output from the command line.

(3) We use our own Java classes.

(4) We use the branching control statements 'if', 'if..else' and 'switch' to determine whether to optionally execute a block of code.

(5) We learn use the looping control statements 'while', 'do..while' and 'for' to repeatedly execute a block of code.

(6) We declare and use modules called methods to "divide and conquer" larger blocks of code. We randomly generate numbers and use them in games of chance.

(7) We use data structures called arrays that consist of related data items.

(8) We control access to a class with scope operators. We use class constructors to create objects. We control access to data of objects using setter and getter methods. We use sets of constants with enumeration data types.

(9) We reuse existing software with INHERITANCE of existing software. We compare the "is-a" (inheritance) and "has-a" (composition) relationships.

(10) We reuse code with POLYMORPHISM so different types of objects that share a superclass can be processed in a similar way.

(11) We handle errors with EXCEPTION HANDLING.

(12) We join, separate and compare characters in rudimentary ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.