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CSE 10-20-30 As Alberta Education Courses

Gerry Donaldson
CSE 10-20-30 As Alberta Education Courses
by Gerry Donaldson - Saturday, 6 September 2014, 12:01 AM

The accompanying table represents an allocation of Alberta Education 1-credit courses for CSE 10, CSE 20 and CSE 30 that uses Khan Academy Computer Programming courses for CSE 10 and the Udacity course Intro to Java Programming and resources from Cay Horstmann's textbook, Big Java Early Objects Fifth Edition for CSE 20 and CSE 30.  I attached a corresponding WORD document in case someone wants to play with it.  I placed numbers of prerequisite courses in parentheses.

I placed six courses in each of CSE 10-20-30 which facilitates teaching each course as a full course or two half courses.  It is up to you to cover 5 or 6 credits per full course. 

A grade 10 program containing only a 3 credit course would use CSE 1110, 1120 and 2110.

I would personally offer one or more of the Dynamic Data Structures courses in CSE 30, but you may prefer to instead offer one or more of CSE 3010, 30120, 2910 and 2920.

In my experience, implementation of the course CSE 2130 concerning file handling is the single most difficult topic of all the Alberta Education 1-credit CSE courses, an opinion that I know is shared by other veteran Calgary CSE teachers.  Please think twice before teaching this course in grade 11.

I have played with variations of this scheme for over a year, but we will all benefit from you replying to this post giving your thoughts and reactions - good, bad and ugly. 

This scheme is exclusively my own.  I have no affiliation with Alberta Education whatsoever.

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Picture of Gustaaf  Wehnes
Re: CSE 10-20-30 As Alberta Education Courses
by Gustaaf Wehnes - Sunday, 28 September 2014, 9:38 PM

Another option for the CSE10 course is to use an introductory module from the networking cluster: NET1010. The module covers binary number systems, boolean gates, and basic circuitry. This supports the CSE1010 module and its coverage of Von Neumann architecture quite well, and also supports boolean logic in conditional statements.. 

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Gerry Donaldson
Re: CSE 10-20-30 As Alberta Education Courses
by Gerry Donaldson - Monday, 29 September 2014, 9:38 PM

Gustaaf - Great idea!  And what a great module too!!  The gates, for example, make the logic of Boolean operators physically clear for students. Are there resources or links or teaching strategies that you recommend? 

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