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D2L Guest Account at UofC for Courses CSE 10-20-30

Gerry Donaldson
D2L Guest Account at UofC for Courses CSE 10-20-30
by Gerry Donaldson - Friday, 12 September 2014, 3:06 PM

The University of Calgary has been generous and creative in allowing me to create three D2L exemplar courses that will mirror the learning content on the three courses on this site.  The forum messages on this site are intended only for registered CSE educators and will not be available on the D2L site.

Normally a user of a D2L course at the University of Calgary must have an IT account with the University of Calgary.  However, for our purposes, they have created a generic guest account that will allow guests to explore the three D2L courses that I will administer.

  • Computer Science 10 Exemplar
  • Computer Science 20 Exemplar
  • Computer Science 30 Exemplar

I have not posted any meaningful content yet, but for future reference, you may login with the following information.

Login at  (Note the /login at the end of the URL for this login page.)

Username: guest.computerscience

Password: F4r$F6AA2

There is no email address associated with this guest account, so you won't get notifications from the courses.

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