Site news Users May Now Select Own Theme

Gerry Donaldson Users May Now Select Own Theme
by Gerry Donaldson - Saturday, 27 September 2014, 10:49 PM

Quick Clicks:  Administration → My profile settings → Edit profile → Right column → Preferred theme → Select theme → Scroll to bottom of page → Update profile → Top left column → "Home”.

Detailed Directions Until You're Comfortable With Quick Clicks:

The look and feel and functionality of modern web sites are shaped by a theme.  Currently the default theme for our web site is a feature rich theme called Gourmet 2.0 which supports a great slide show widget, header and footer areas, and was designed to look good on smart phones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computer monitors.

However, once a teacher or student is focused on course work and doesn't want to be distracted by the bells and whistles of a commercial theme, you or they may prefer a simpler theme that omits the bells and whistles.

After you log on to as a user, scroll down the right column until you find the "Administration” block.  Open the link, "My Profile settings” and click on "Edit profile”.  Your profile options blocks appear in the left column.  Scroll down until you see the option, "Preferred theme”.  Currently you can choose among three themes:  "Clean”, "Gourmet” and "More”.  Select one; select "Clean” for now and change it later if you wish.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Update profile” button.  When a new page appears, click the "Home” link just below your name at the top of the left column.

Voila!  No more slide show or thick header or footer to distract you.  The course list is at the top of the middle of three columns.  The Site News is below the courses.

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