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Alberta CSE Teachers Building CSE 10-20-30

Gerry Donaldson
Alberta CSE Teachers Building CSE 10-20-30
by Gerry Donaldson - Sunday, 31 August 2014, 10:39 PM

You are invited to join a dozen plus colleagues (so far) in the implementation of an Alberta "CSE Default Curriculum" for CSE 10, CSE 20 and CSE 30.

We will implement a seasoned, respectable, vetted "CSE default curriculum" that Alberta teachers can rely upon for content, resources and guidance.

At the January 2013 Calgary Teachers' Computer Science Symposium, the title of my presentation was, "Freedom When You Want It.  Support When You Need It!"

There are gifted and bold CSE teachers treading paths of innovation where few have gone before.  If that's you, you need to have the "freedom when you want it."

But for decades, Alberta's CSE teachers have been left to fend for themselves.  Ultimately this mitigates both teacher and student enthusiasm and performance.

Many roads lead to Rome, but some roads are well travelled with oodles of resources to sustain the traveler.   This SIG aims to provide "support when you need it."

Innovations in pedagogy and online technologies have generated reliable teaching and learning resources that can be leveraged to advantage in the classroom.

This past week I purchased a new "theme" for the Moodle web site,  This is where we will post resources submitted or referenced by SIG members.

I will encourage us all to post pages in basic HTML code to facilitate teachers in creating their own teaching sites in Moodle, d2L or other LMS.

By the end of this semester, we will have posted a set of CSE Computer Science courses that address the Alberta Education CSE Programs of Study.
JavaScript and Java Pathways​Our SIG will build a CSE 10 "backbone" using the Khan Academy computer programming courses with the popular JavaScript language and ProcessingJS library.

Our SIG will build CSE 20 and CSE 30 "backbones" using Udacity's MOOC Intro to Java Programming and Cay Horstmann's Big Java: Early Objects Fifth Edition.
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